The Manager’s Boot Camp recommends this Harvard Business Review article that describes the qualities of managers who can both accomplish results and engage staff in a personable and fun manner. Intuitively, you would think that it is engaged staff who deliver results. However, some managers believe that fun and team building are juvenile and take away from doing the work, or they don’t yet have the skills to engage staff.

Funding pressures and the growing emphasis on accountability in the not-for-profit sector drives many organizations to focus primarily on the numbers served. Yet, no one in the human service industry graduates from school thinking, “I’ll be fulfilled if I can see more people.” It takes critical thinking to calculate how to best meet productivity, cost, and quality targets; but as importantly, it takes emotional intelligence and communication skills to lead staff to do their best work with passion.

Glennie Mercer, a trainer at The Manager’s Boot Camp, asks participants the question “What fulfills you?” as part of the section on motivating staff. Initially, the responses tend to be superficial, such as “I love going to work,” or the participants are confused, responding with “I’ve never thought about that before.” Glennie repeats the question once, and then again. By the time we get to the third “What fulfills you?” participants become engaged in talking with each other to explore, ask each other more questions, and seek the answer for themselves.

So what fulfills you? And do you know how your staff would answer that question? We’ll have many blog postings for this category of Motivation in the future.

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