Managers Bootcamp London – June 18th 2015

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Goals of the conference

The 2015 Managers BootCamp London is here to help you be successful in and enjoy your career as a new or experienced manager. Our goal is to provide you with the best selection of topics and experiences so you leave with perspective, practices and tools you can immediately and effectively use to achieve your goals at work.

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Get access to:

  • Gain insight into your own management style.
  • Identify and draw on your strengths as you gain additional skills in managing others, managing work and managing yourself.
  • Learn useful tips for developing the tools of your trade: difficult conversations, budgets, and running effective meetings.
  • A one-on-one coaching session after Bootcamp to deepen your learning and integration of new skills.
  • Time to network! Bring your issues, meet and discuss with others like you to find solutions.

Meet Your Conference Facilitators


mhMichelle Hurtubise

Executive Director, London InterCommunity Health Centre

With over 25 years management experience, Michelle is a passionate champion for change who has always embedded community development principles in her leadership style. She is known for finding creative and innovative solutions to organizational and program issues.


carlapalmerCarla Palmer

Management Consultant, Conference Facilitator

Carla has 25 years of experience working in small to large organizations. She is currently taking on consulting roles in organization development and transition, strategic planning and project implementation. She is facilitating numerous Managers Bootcamps to provide managers with the support and training they need.


Join us on June 18th 2015 in London, Ontario at The Vitali Student Lounge

Kings College, Wemple Building (Main) Epworth Ave.

Please click here to view maps of parking, the building and room location.

[day date=”18 June 2015″]Management Team Training Day[/day]

[event time=”8:45″]Registration, Coffee & Refreshments


[event time=”9:00″]Opening Plenary Session with Carla Palmer & Michelle Hurtubise


[event time=”9:15 — 10:30″]

  • Part 1: Context: What is to be managed?
    • Organization Lifecycle
    • Output, Quality, Cost
    • Drivers of Performance
    • Leadership Philosophy and Values
  • Experiential Objective & Activities
    • Link between the individual and the organization – shared sense of ownership
    • Increase knowledge
    • Apply to organization – keep it relevant
    • Draw on strengths and formalize what has already been identified


[lunch time=”10:30 — 10:45″]Coffee Break[/lunch]

[event time=”10:45 — 12:00″]

  • Part 2: Core Competencies: What do managers do?
    • Planning, Organizing, Delegating
    • Developing others
    • Developing skills
    • Organization decision-making
    • Priority setting
  • Experiential Objective & Activities
    • Self-reflection


[lunch time=”12:00 — 13.30″]Lunch Break. Time to network![/lunch]

[event time=”13:30 — 14:45″]

  • Part 3: Managing Others
    • Managing others
    • Courageous conversations for difficult situations with others, including managing your boss’s expectations.
  • Experiential Objective & Activities
    • Facilitated interactive discussion


[lunch time=”14:45 – 15:00″]Coffee Break[/lunch]

[event time=”15:00 — 16:15″]

  • Part 4: Managing Yourself
    • Knowing your cues
    • ‘Stop the World’
    • Virtual Office
    • Building emotional intelligence toward shared accountability
  • Experiential Objective & Activities
    • Self-awareness: What are my triggers? How am I, and my actions, perceived?
    • My staff complains about the boss, and now I am the boss.
  • Part 5: Setting your goals
    • Setting your goals and work plan
    • Draft plan
    • Schedule 1 hour telephone coaching check-in for 3 months after the workshop
  • Experiential Objective & Activities
    • Self-reflection
    • Personal commitments
    • What do you want to see different in the next 6 months


[event time=”16:15″] Closing Plenary




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