Autumn is like the start of a new year. The feeling of renewal has been instilled in me since I was a child: the first day of school after the summer break, with great hopes for the best year yet – getting homework done, being prepared for tests, participating in class, new clothes, and new books!

So it is at work where there is a sense of activity starting up again after a lull during the summer. Though the summer slowdown isn’t the same as it used to be given the greater accountability our organizations face, meetings are fewer, and hopefully, you have allowed some time for reflection about what you wish to accomplish over the next year.

However, you won’t be in a new class, with a new teacher; you’ll likely have the same team you are leading, along with the same issues and challenges. A new resource is now available to you and your colleagues: The Manager’s Boot Camp Blog is to be published at least weekly. To add resources to your toolkit and keep you feeling resourceful, the Blog will:

  • Answer questions received from managers, (identities will be kept anonymous and confidential),
  • Present case studies and exercises to help you refresh your skills, and
  • Introduce new tools and resources.

If you haven’t yet attended The Manager’s Boot Camp, or don’t already know me, I have had 30 years of management and executive experience in the not for profit sector, and now provide consultation to managers and CEOs at other organizations. I have hired, fired, promoted, and managed people through all kinds of positive and challenging situations.

It is this real-world experience of learning from successes and failures, augmented by empirical evidence, that underlies the training and resources provided at The Manager’s Boot Camp. We help managers understand how their boss thinks, or figure out how to deal with a behavioral or performance issue, or get updated on current trends in management and leadership.

So, ask away. I can’t promise I think like every boss does or predict for certain what someone’s reaction will be to an action I advise, but I do promise to be direct, with the manager’s best interest at heart!

Tell me what you are thinking…