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Renew your energy and restock your toolkit with the essential skills to achieve higher levels of clarity, capacity and performance in your key management roles.


Over 25% of participants in The Manager’s Boot Camps are new managers. We are now offering The New Manager Package with additional resources, at incredible value:


Use these on-line learning modules if you want to access strategies and tools right away at your convenience:

E-Learning ModulesThese are 20 minute video PowerPoint modules with audio that includes real-life examples. Suggested learning exercises may take another 20 to 30 minutes of your time.

The New Manager

  • Self-assessment and 1 year Development Roadmap – assess your strengths and plan for your development over the next year
  • Registration in the Essentials and Advanced Manager’s Boot Camps – take advantage of this interactive training with your peers facing similar challenges and sharing ideas 
  • 1:1 coaching sessions upon registration and at the end of the year – get feedback on setting your goals and evaluating your progress
  • Invitation to join the network of Manager’s Boot Camp Alumni – read articles recommended by your peers, post questions or ideas to get feedback from others

(Price is $874 +HST)

The Manager Development Roadmap©

The Manager Development Roadmap© will help you chart your progress in becoming a self-directed effective manager. You will learn about the phases of development, and the competencies you are expected to have at each stage. You can then set your goals for development. This on-line session is for new and experienced managers, or if you are considering taking on responsibility to help lead the work of the organization.

$97 introductory discount to $49. And, this amount will be applied as a rebate on the price of registration in either the Essentials or Advanced Manager’s Boot Camps.

(Price is $49 +HST)

Coaching Staff in Difficult Conversations

There is a negative impact on sinking staff morale and organization success when a manager does not respond effectively to poor employee behaviour. This is why this session’s topic is so important. This explains how to best deal with conflict through coaching in difficult conversations.

$97 introductory discount to $49. And, this amount will be applied as a rebate on the price of registration in either the Essentials or Advanced Manager’s Boot Camps.

(Price is $49 +HST)

In-Person Manager’s Boot CampsImmersive and Interactive Training

In-person immersive, interactive training in Toronto or you can customize for your location

The Manager’s Boot Camp – Essentials

November 7, 2018

Learn the fundamentals of being a happy and successful manager:

  • Communicate to influence – Prepare for and practice the difficult conversation
  • Critical thinking – Learn decision-making techniques to understand the problem and choose the right solution
  • Organization awareness – Understand the difference between important and urgent: put first things first
  • Emotional Intelligence – Learn the techniques to stay calm even in the most heated moments

(Price is $437 +HST)

Manager’s Boot Camp – Advanced Techniques

November 28, 2018

Engaging and developing strong staff, while managing difficult behaviours and ensuring learning and growth:

  • Motivation and empowerment – clarify the manager’s and staff’s roles and responsibilities
  • Performance management – Identify root causes of poor performance and the appropriate coaching technique
  • Resourcefulness and Resilience – development strategies for yourself and staff

(Price is $437 +HST)

Training takes place at the Holiday Inn – Yorkdale – Toronto ~ 9 AM – 4 PM (lunch included)

You can bundle the Essentials and Advanced workshops together at a discounted rate (Price is $794 +HST)

We are committed to providing quality learning and training that will help you meet your needs and goals. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund of the cost.

The Manager’s Boot Camp is for new and experienced managers:

New managers who are thrown into their role without training are often overwhelmed with the number of demands made on their time, with how to make decisions under pressure, and with how to supervise people they used to work alongside. The Manager’s Boot Camp takes the new manager through specific modules on how to manage the work, manage others and manage themselves. They will see others in the same situation and benefit from the strategies and tools shared by those with more experience.

Experienced managers are looking for tools and strategies to refresh and strengthen areas in their day-to-day responsibilities, or to achieve skills in areas of new responsibility, or to get rid of some bad habits in their way of continued success. The Manager’s Boot Camp reinforces the fundamental skills and perspective of managers and uses techniques to accelerate learning of new skills.

The Manager’s Boot Camp is led by six experienced management-training experts with varied expertise as facilitators, coaches, managers and executives; all are passionate in caring about developing manager capacity in the not for profit sector.

Target Audience: Managers who have attended past Boot Camps have come from community hospitals, community support services, community health centres, family health teams, mental health and addictions centres, long term care organizations, and aboriginal health access centres and are interested in getting better at managing people and issues, and learning from and supporting others.

There is a discounted rate for organizations that send 3 or more people.

Your attendance also gets you:

  • A binder with the tools shared during the boot camp and ongoing access to them online
  • An invitation to join a fast growing online network of managers

Do you want a Manager’s Boot Camp closer to home? To discuss this option contact Carla Palmer directly at

Meet Your Expert Speakers:

Carolyn Caldwell
Streamline for Time & Focus,
Wellrich Organizers

Carolyn presents on how to use organizing strategies to keep you on track. A hallmark of the managerial position is the constant competition of priorities. Getting and staying organized is key to keeping up with the pressure of this competition.

Glennie Mercer
Keys to Effective Dialogue,
Principal, Glennie Mercer & Associates

Glennie is a facilitator and certified coach, offering Executive/ Leadership Coaching, Leadership Training and Development, Strategic and Operational Planning and Team Facilitation to individuals and teams in the health, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Carla Palmer
Conference Sponsor and Facilitator,
Management Consultant

Carla is the founder, managing director and co-facilitator of The Manager’s Boot Camp. She has more than 30 years of management and executive leadership experience in hospitals, including 18 years as Executive Director of the Barrie Community Health Centre. Through this experience, Carla learned about the need to support the development of managers who otherwise are placed in a sink-or-swim situation. She proceeded to develop a core-competency model for participants to learn in immersive and interactive training that has been available since 2014. Carla has published in The Globe and Mail Leadership Lab, and has provided numerous presentations at provincial, national, and international conferences.

Michelle Hurtubise
Executive Director,
Ontario Centre for Excellence for Child and Mental Health

With over 25 years management experience, Michelle is a passionate champion for change who has always embedded community development principles in her leadership style. She is known for finding creative and innovative solutions to organizational and program issues.

Cliff Ledwos
The New Manager Spotlight Session,
Director, Access Alliance

Cliff Ledwos brings over 20 years of management in community health and social services and presents strategies of special interest for new managers – managing people, the work, yourself!

Lee McKenna

Lee McKenna is a trainer, facilitator and mediator, working in the public sector with community health, public health and social service agencies in planning, health equity, organizational development and communication. She also works in zones of conflict with partners in search of nonviolent routes to social and political change.

Michael Barkley

Michael Barkley has forty years of experience working with and for community-based organizations and government; with positions including organizational directorships and management roles in public and private sector environments encompassing research, writing, senior consultation, communications, strategic planning, productivity analysis, client and customer outreach, and information dissemination, and team based management styles.