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We are committed to providing quality learning and training that will help you meet your needs and goals. If you are not completely satisfied, you can receive a refund of the cost.

COVID-19 Announcement

Due to the requirements for social distancing related to COVID-19, The Manager’s Boot Camp is cancelling the April and June dates. New online live workshops will be help in the Fall. Check back here in June for details.

Renew your energy and restock your toolkit with the essential skills to achieve higher levels of clarity, capacity and performance in your key management roles.

Imagine the confidence you will gain in 2020 to coach your staff to their best performance levels in all types of situations.

  • The Manager’s Boot Camp has trained over 1750 people in management skills at the essential and advanced levels.
  • The training is for new and experienced managers in not for profit organizations.
  • Participants interact with their peers and solve the actual problems they experience in their work.
  • We focus on the issues that arise in managing people, managing the work and managing yourself.
  • You will acquire perspective and skills to coach staff through difficult conversations, overcome challenges in meeting productivity goals, turn negativity into resourcefulness, and lead your team through change.

For: Participants come from a range of organizations, including community support services, community health centres, legal aid clinics, child care centres, aboriginal health access centres, family health teams, hospitals, long term care, mental health, children’s aid, and the Government of Ontario.

  • New managers who are thrown into their role without training are often overwhelmed with the number of demands made on their time, with how to make decisions under pressure, and with how to supervise people they used to work alongside. The Manager’s Boot Camp takes the new manager through specific modules on how to manage the work, manage others and manage themselves. They will see others in the same situation and benefit from the strategies and tools shared by those with more experience.
  • Experienced managers who are looking for tools and strategies to refresh and strengthen areas in their day-to-day responsibilities, or to achieve skills in areas of new responsibility, or to get rid of some bad habits in their way of continued success. The Manager’s Boot Camp reinforces the fundamental skills and perspective of managers and uses techniques to accelerate learning of new skills.

Who we are: The Manager’s Boot Camp sessions are run by two facilitators who combine 50 years of experience in executive and management positions in the not for profit sector. Carla Palmer and Glennie Mercer have been co-facilitating the training since 2014.

We assure quality and value: The approach to training draws on concepts, tools and skills that are proven over time. The training arises from the core competencies expected of managers in all organizations: Emotional Intelligence, Organization awareness, Critical thinking, and Acting to Influence. Quality is guaranteed: Refunds are available if you are not completely satisfied.

The Manager’s Boot Camp offers training at the Essentials and Advanced levels.

  • The Essentials level focus is on the key skills every manager should have to manage people, the work and themselves, where they have access to on-site support for issues that are especially new or challenging.
  • The Advanced level training is focused on increasing competence and acquiring tools to help diagnose and resolve issues that are new and challenging.

“This workshop should be taken by every new manager. For me, after 6 years, it was a great refresher on the techniques I can use every day for managing staff”

Live outside of Toronto and want a Manager’s Boot Camp closer to home? To discuss this option fill out the contact form and an associate of The Manager’s Boot Camp will contact you directly.

Manager’s Boot Camp Essentials and Advanced Training for 2020

Get an $80 rebate when you purchase both Essentials and Advanced Manager’s Boot Camps

Essentials Part I

Coach and develop your staff to reach their peak performance

  • Align priorities and productivity: Differentiate important and unimportant, and urgent and non-urgent
  • Motivate and empower staff
  • Understand and manage change

Essentials Part II

Coach and develop your staff when their performance falters

  • Strategies to delegate and not take on others’ problems
  • Prepare and practice the difficult conversation
  • Turn negativity into resourcefulness

Advanced Part I

Coach and develop your staff to reach their peak performance

  • Coaching individuals for high performance 
  • Manage competing priorities 
  • Leading high performance teams 


Advanced Part II

Coach and develop your staff when their performance falters

  • Prepare and practice the difficult conversation for recurring behavioural issues
  • Negotiate to resolve conflict

“Carla, the staff from Country Roads who have attended the Manager’s Boot Camp have demonstrated clear growth as confident, capable managers. Thank you for the role you and your team have played.”

“We came as a team. It was helpful to be in the same space with colleagues so that we can come back to our workplace and practice some of the suggestions with group input.”

“I liked the tools – The relaxed, accessible – yet professional – approach to the material – The pace of the day.”

“Enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other managers and benefit from one another’s experiences and advice.”

“Liked the practical tools I can use right away. Compact approach to frameworks to use when thinking about staff engagement individually, in groups, or at an organizational level.”

“The pace and the tools you offered were great. Mainly I appreciated the time set aside to think and share about my work, and the empathetic feeling in the room – as well as the hopefulness.”

The Manager’s Boot Camp – Essentials Workshop

The Manager’s Boot Camp – Advanced Workshop